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SkyWind NG Mikrowindkraftanlage


SkyWind NG 1 kW
Rotor Diameter
1,50 | 4.92
m | ft
Rated Power
600 | 1000
W (selectable)
€ excl. VAT
VDE-AR-N 4105:2018
Rated Power at
ca. 14 - 16
Grid Voltage
230 | 110
Required Tower Dia.
Noise (25 m)
ca. 34
dB(A) @ 10 m/s
Tower Load
ca. 250 | 56
N | lbf
0 - 1500
Generator Voltage
0 - 60
0 - 30
Typical Power
Ca. 50 - 150
Material Rotor
Aerospace Aluminum
Generator Weight
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An intelligent system.

SkyWind NG is much more than just a wind generator. Efficient power generation combined with quiet and safe operation depends on a well designed overall system. Therefore, every SkyWind NG wind turbine includes:

  • a wind turbine control computer*

  • an automatic braking system*

  • an automatic storm shutdown system

Under normal operation the rotor rpm is always controlled for best possible performance and lowest noise. Should a storm become too strong, your system will protect itself and stop the rotor. The owner is always connected to the systems performance via the integrated control computer*.

*110 | 230 V version only

Lieferumfang SkyWind NG

Quiet and unobtrusive

Right from the start of development, it was decided that quiet and unobtrusive operation would be just as important to our customers as electricity production itself. Highly developed aerodynamics and a special coating on the rotor blades ensure quiet operation and at the same time prevent annoying light reflections.

The suitability for residential areas has also been confirmed by TÜV-Nord with an extensive sound expert report. Thousands of residential and rooftop installations are a testimony to our high standards. Hear it for yourself with dozens of customer videos from around the world on Youtube. You´ll even hear the birds.

Made To Highest Standards

Each SkyWind NG wind generator is manufactured to highest industrial standards by our TÜV certified production crew and machines. Only industry leading subcomponents are used in our wind turbines, like the core components of our DC-generators which are made in the US before beeing assembled in our factory near the city of Hanover in Germany.

Each system then goes through a rigorous quality control before beeing shipped to customers around the world.  

These high quality standards ensure that each SkyWind generator can withstand the stresses of decades of operation. Many telecommunication systems, for example in Somalia or Chile, are only visited by a technician once every two years. Reliable operation is mandatory for professional customers such as them.


Enjoy an extensive tour through our factory and to our customers by a major TV channel in 2023: Click!

Winglet Fertigung
Leistung 7 Tage

Energy in bad weather.

Make your renewable energy supply independent from sunshine and good weather. SkyWind NG micro wind turbines provide you with energy in bad weather, regardless of the time of day. Exactly when you need it the most for light, heating and technology. Pictured is the generation profile during a winter week in Hanover.  

SkyWind turbines are easily installed within just hours. With photovoltaics and wind power together, you can rely on a perfect team for your energy independence. See brochure!

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