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SkyWind NG
Wind power for everyone.

Energy from wind, generated right where you need it - that's our SkyWind NG. The first independently tested micro wind turbine is efficient, quiet and Made in Germany.


Our all-metal design is robust, reliable and proven in thousands of projects around the world. Trust our market leading technology (US-Patent: 2012/0177502 A1)

SkyWind NG micro wind turbines offer award winning performance, including a SIEMENS e.p. Award and two German Industrial Awards! 

How it works:

Affordable energy, generated by the force of the wind only  - that´s our SkyWind NG. Build entirely from aluminum and steel, it represents the most robust and powerful wind turbine of its size ever.

Whether you need 230/110 V AC power for your home, or charge your 12/24 V DC batteries: SkyWind provides the clean energy for your project. 

Our all-metal rotor technology is proven around the world since 2009 and has been awarded many times. SkyWind is proudly made in Germany and the United States utilizing our patented technology.


SkyWind Micro Wind Turbines
Energy. Where you need it!

SkyWind NG micro wind turbines are easily installed wherever power is needed. Power your AC-appliances or charge your batteries with clean energy from rooftops, radio masts, lighting poles or even treetops. No fuel or maintenance required.

Designed and tested for both high performance and maximum durability, our SkyWind turbines have proven their performance on all continents. Patented technology
: 2012/0177502 A1

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Get Detailed Information Today!

Request your free in depth information package on our patented SkyWind NG micro wind turbines today. You will receive all the technical details, prices, the product manual as well as best practices from thousands of projects around the world. Register today to receive a free world wide shipment code as gift!


SkyWind NG wind turbines supply everything from single-family homes in Germany to mountain stations in the Himalayas. Our patented all-metal construction offers exceptional robustness even under the toughest conditions. Choose the best technology for your project.

“Perfect service, very good communication, very reasonable price/performance ratio. But most important! Not only "before" the first purchase, also afterwards. We look forward to the constant development of our wind energy park"

K. Tomaschko

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SkyWind: A Success Story In Figures

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